If you’ve ever been frustrated with the touchpad experience on Linux and subsequently felt like taking a deep dive to fix it yourself, you’re not alone! This guide exists to help you find kindred engineers, and the quickest possible path to efficacy in a complex software stack.

How can I help?

Donate to the Linux Touchpad Like a MacBook Pro fund. More than 120 people are chipping in monthly to hire community-sponsored engineers to methodically improve the software stack.

If you’re a software engineer with experience in C, C++ or another systems language like Zig or Rust, come talk to us on the forum or in Discord chat. We’d love to hear about your passion project or touchpad quirk that you’re interested in fixing.

Who are some of the key people?

There are many generous people involved who’ve spent years making touchpad on the Linux possible. Today, there are a handful of people involved in maintaining and adding new features–Peter Hutterer, Bill Harding, Povilas Kanapickas, and José Exposito for example.