The “Linux Touchpad Like a MacBook Pro” (LTLMBP) project has been an exciting development over the past few years. In 2018 Bill Harding started a public quest to make the Linux touchpad as good as the MacBook Pro.

Through his effort and those of many others who’ve donated each month, steady progress has been made by engineer Povilas Kanapickas (among others) in integrating multitouch events into the venerable Xorg code base. Prior to this effort, many thought it unlikely that multitouch apps would ever be possible until everyone had switched from Xorg to Wayland.

Bill has been making regular updates on the progress of this project at his blog,


LTLMBP Kickoff

Please Donate

If you can add something to the LTLMBP fund each month, Bill will be able to hire more engineers to work on the touchpad quirks and frustrations that affect us all.